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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dora The Explorer Cake!!!

Hi... This is my next cake... Dora the Explorer cake. It's Dominican cake with dulce de Leche filling... Delicious!  My client loved it and was impressed and amazed.  This cake was for my clients 2 year old daughter's bday party.  It was a hit and complete success.  I was so happy!  Please comment and more cakes to come...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Justin Bieber 2 lB Cake for a 9 year old Bday Party!

Hi! This was my First party cake for a client that's daughter turned 9 years old. She was obsessed with the Justin Bieber celebrity. The cake was a little challenging because it was my first big cake to make. I was always used to small cakes. It was a success and the client loved it and so did the daughter. It was an amazing experience. The centerpiece was also made by me...hard work, but fun to make and create. Knowing that you create something with your bare hands and with your own creativity is awesome! So...please leave your opinions and comments and possibly questions if you have. I will be greatful!

My First Welcome Baby Cake

This cake was for my husbands cousin who just had a baby. I surprised her with this cake. Its a Dominican cake made with Guava filling. She loved it! Everyone was amazed and loved it. When everyone tells me how much they love my cakes...its like an inspiration to me to keep going. Its been fun to make, decorate and when you see the happiness in people's eyes...also helps me to get better and better at it. Hope everyone likes it and tells me what they think and have a blessed day!!!